Call for Collaborators: Industry and Institutions Working Together

Call for Collaborators: Industry and Institutions Working Together

Are you interested in solar energy generation, associated water use, ...
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University of Nevada Joe Crowley

2018 Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada Annual Meeting

2018 Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada Annual Meeting April 5, ...
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Securing Solar's Sustainability

Securing Solar’s Sustainability

In Nevada, the sun’s rays provide an abundant and clean form of energy but harnessing that potential can come at a cost. Water is needed to clean solar panels and mirrors as well as to cool solar thermal power plants, but water in the desert is a scarce resource. Consequently, to ensure that solar energy is a sustainable source of energy in arid desert environments, NEXUS scientists are investigating various ways to minimize water use while maximizing solar efficiency.
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Tortoise 2014 By RJ Abella

Knowledge is Power: Protecting the Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise might be Nevada’s state reptile but rapid changes in fragile desert ecosystems could threaten its very existence. In the last 150 years, non-native animal and plant species, and new towns, roadways and railways have infiltrated the Mojave and western Sonoran Deserts, the stomping ground of the Desert Tortoise. It’s an evolution that has led to both habitat loss and habitat degradation for this iconic species.
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Solar energy project nexus in nevada


The Solar Energy Nexus is creating a center of research excellence that will help Nevada build capacity in solar energy generation.
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Teams of scientists are working to develop sustainable water/wastewater approaches to support water needs for solar energy in Nevada.
Environment project nexus in nevada


Preserving fragile environments is a key focus in achieving benefits from solar energy conservation.
Nevada data portal


Researchers are developing cutting-edge technology to enhance Nevada’s interconnectivity between research institutions.
Economics trends graph

Economics & Energy

Researchers are developing ways to improve the development and reliability of renewable and solar energy supply
Research Integration

Research Integration

Research integration is being accomplished through four research integration clusters that promote shared planning and discussion of research activities.