The UROP program promotes intensive undergraduate research opportunities for university students. Through these research experiences, our goal is to enhance the recruitment and retention of undergraduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines, particularly those related to solar energy and its effects on water resources and the environment in general.
Fifty six students across the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) applied to the Academic Year 2019-2020 UROP, funded by the Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada project, sponsored by NSF EPSCoR, IIA-1301726. A total of 25 research scholarships were awarded; 16 from the University of Nevada, Reno; 8 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and 1 from Nevada State College. The awardees will be conducting their research projects from December 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020 under the guidance of NSHE research faculty mentors.
Congratulations to the following students and their mentors:
NSC scientist Jeremy Vergara examines solutions in lab.
2017-2018 UROP student Jeremy Vergara, Nevada State College, in the chemistry lab.
–Photo by Dr. Amber Howerton, Mentor

Nevada State College

Alyssa Hall, A Comparative Study of the Effect of Pollution on the Biodiversity of Soil Bacteria Across the Las Vegas Valley, Mentor: Samantha Jewell

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ho Young Ahn, Improved Flexible Thin Film Thermoelectric Generator with Optimized Design, Mentor: Jaeyun Moon

Anayeli Flores-Garibay, Measurement of Dust Particle Charge for Water-free Cleaning of Solar Panels, Mentor: Biswajit Das

Harry Larson, Development of Doped Stable Halide Perovskite Materials for Photo-catalytic CO2 Reduction, Mentor: Shubhra Bansal

Samrawit Misiker, Saving the bees, one gene at a time: the effects of gene silencing on Paenibacillus larvae endospores, Mentor: Ernesto Abel-Santos

Arielle Palanca, Bioremediation of Contaminated Ground water to Remove Nitrate, Chlorate, and Perchlorate, Mentor: Jacimaria Batista

Richard Panduro-Allanson, Water Rock Interactions on Mars: Production of H2 and other Valuable Resources, Mentor: Elisabeth Hausrath

David Rouhani, Using Spray Aeration Techniques to Maximize Trihalomethane Removal, Mentor: Erica Marti

Kristen Tagaytayan, Quantum Cutting Materials for High Performance and Improved Reliability Thin-Film and c-SiPV Modules, Mentor: Shubhra Bansal

University of Nevada, Reno

Duncan Boren, Testing the Role of Cyclic Nucleotides in Regulating Ion Channels Essential to Plant Fertility and Heat Stress Tolerance, Mentor: Jeffrey Harper

Randeep Chana, Determining Efficacy of essential oils as environmentally safe insecticides, Mentor: Monika Gulia-Nuss

Isaac Chiu, Atomistic Machine Learning for Enhanced Solar-termoelectric Power Generation, Mentor: Yan Wang

Ryan Coulter, Design Development of an Underwater Soft Robot Gripper, Mentor: Jun Zhang

Connor Filbin, Mechano-Activated Shape Reconfigurable Polymetric Materials, Mentor: Ying Yang

Benjamin Ingle, Assessment of the variation in tree ring mercury concentrations between co-located tree species, Mentor: Mae Gustin

Aidan Johnson, Towards the Selection of Materials for Next Generation Concentrated Solar Power Plants, Mentor: Dev Chidambaram

Brianna Jones, Conversion of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide to Useful Chemical Fuels by Utilizing Electrical Energy, Mentor: Christopher Barile

Sage Kruleski, Are Newts Telling the Truth? Aposematic Signaling and its Honesty in Toxic Pacific Newts, Mentor: Chris Feldman

Bryan Lee, Nitrogen and Zinc Co-Doped Carbon Dots as Nanozymes, Mentor: Xiaoshan Zhu

Valeria Nava, Enhancement of Photosynthesis by Modified Carbon Nanotubes, Mentor: Yu Yang

Guglielmo Panelli, Utilization of a Network of atomic clocks to search for dark matter, Mentor: Andrei Derevianko

Dillon Stetler, Computational Study of the role of charge-balancing ions on methane-to-methanol conversion by copper-exchanged zeolites, Mentor: Samuel Odoh

Jacquelynn Tran, Food Availability influencing songbird fitness in urbanized landscapes, Mentor: Jenny Ouyang

Sydnie Walters, Regulation of Circular RNA Biogenesis by Pasilla n D. Melanogaster, Mentor: Pedro Miura

Hunter Wyett, Variation in milkweed chemistry and nutrients: determining monarch butterfly responses to parasite virulence, Mentor: Elizabeth Pringle