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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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Dr. Biswajit Das of UNLV will be applying nanostructure arrays to render solar surfaces less prone to soiling. This will build on technology developed earlier to result in surfaces that require less cleaning maintenance. A major part of the work will involve the manufacturing of appropriate surfaces.

Dust accumulation on solar panels can significantly reduce electrical energy output. Water cleaning of solar panels, in addition to being expensive, can be challenging in arid areas.

Dr. Das will be developing the following technologies to address this issue: 1) Surface modification of solar panels at the nanoscale to reduce dust adhesion. 2) A technology for water-less cleaning of solar panels using nanostructure arrays. The technology is being developed in the laboratories of the Nevada Nanotechnology Center that is equipped for the fabrication of a variety of nanostructures.

Das is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UNLV and is the Director of the Nevada Nanotechnology Center which he has established. He has over twenty five years of research experience in the field of nanotechnology and photovoltaics and is the co-inventor of the “Datta-Das Transistor”. He has over 100 journal and conference publications and four patents.