Bryce Powell 214x300BRYCE POWELL

Great Basin College
Mentor: Norm Whittaker

Hull Design’s Effect on the Concentration and Redirection of Surface Waves

The purpose of this experiment is to determine how the shape of a hull impacts the energy concentration and redirection of surface waves. The experiment will use a single hull with an adjustable face and flexible conical core that will be used to set the shapes to be tested. The small end of the cone will be turned upward so that it is open to the air, creating an air column that will oscillate up and down as the pressure from the wave is redirected up into this air column. The hull will also have a small turbine and electric generator mounted in the air column to convert the oscillating motion of the air into electrical energy. The efficiency of each test will be measured by the electrical output. By using only one frame and generator, we will cut down on outside variables that may affect the tests.