The Nevada Research Data Center:

The nexus research will be accelerated by enhancing Nevada’s CI capabilities for data communication, processing, and management, while establishing a new archetype for CI research and development: the Nevada Research Data Center (NRDC) for data management, communication, and processing. The NRDC will serve the needs of the nexus, other interdisciplinary research and education in Nevada as well as in more broadly dispersed regions.

Additionally, the Solar Nexus project aims to create cyberinfrastructure (CI) tools that will help science and education better make sense of research data. The project will increase Nevada’s CI capabilities, including advanced data services, real-time data streaming and visualization, data mining and analysis, image processing, data security and cloud computing.

The CI Team will conduct research in four areas:

  1. Data processing and analysis – New handling, processing, and analysis methods and tools being created by CI (including for data mining) will facilitate and accelerate research and education in Nevada (F. Harris, Latifi, Jiang, Jo, Yang, Kelley, Louis, Kim, and Gunes)
  2. Software engineering and human-computer interactions – New software practices and tools are being created to streamline CI engineering and facilitate scientific and education work. We will define a process model to guide future CI developments that support data-intensive research; we will also develop new software tools and services to facilitate nexus research (Dascalu, Louis, Fritzinger, Varol)
  3. Communication networks – Advances long-term remote data collection require Nevada to expand and enhance a reusable, extensible, high-speed, secure communication network. Our work will focus on enhancing research-oriented network communication capabilities in Nevada (Jo, Kent, Smith, Gunes, Latifi, Jiang, Yang, Kim, Strachan)
  4. Database architecture and data management – Long-term performance, extensibility, and sustainability of computing infrastructure needs to be optimally designed, configured, and managed. We will develop new, effective solutions for database architecture and data management (Varol, Smith, Kelley, Fritzinger, Strachan, and Dascalu)

Cyberinfrastructure Team

Sergiu Dascalu, Computer Science and Engineer Faculty 2014

Sergiu Dascalu

Principal Investigator
Cyberinfrastructure Lead
University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-4613

Mehmet Gunes headshot

Mehmet Hadi Gunes

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-4313

Yingtao Jiang headshot

Yingtao Jiang

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-2533

Graham Kent headshot

Graham Kent

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-4265

Shahram Latifi headshot

Shahram Latifi

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-4016

Ken Smith headshot

Ken Smith

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-4218

Yaakov Varol headshot

Yaakov L Varol

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-1922

Mei Yang headshot

Mei Yang

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-2364

Eric Fritzinger headshot

Eric Fritzinger

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-6974

Fred Harris headshot

Frederick Harris, Jr.

UNR Lead
University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-6571

Ju-Yeon Jo headshot

Ju-Yeon Jo

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-5873

Yoohwan Kim headshot

Yoohwan Kim

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-5348

Sushil Louis headshot

Sushil Louis

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-4315

Scotty headshot

Scotty Strachan

University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 327-2346

Lei Yang headshot

Lei Yang

University of Nevada, Reno
(702) 895-2364