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Environment Co-Lead
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-4699

Dr. Dale Devitt is a soil and water scientist who focuses his research on soil plant water relationships in arid environments. Much of his research has addressed osmotic and matric interactions on plants, with special emphasis on irrigated systems with poor quality water. He currently is the UNLV water component lead of the NSF EPSCoR climate change study in which two transects comprised of sophisticated weather stations are being placed on two mountain ranges in Nevada.

He is also the director of the Center for Urban Water Conservation that conducts both applied and basic research related to urban water-related issues. A current study is investigating the fate and transport of pharmaceuticals in turf grass systems irrigated with recycled water.

Devitt received his bachelor’s degree in environmental science, his master’s degree in soil science and his doctorate in soil science from the University of California Riverside. He is the author of 72 peer-reviewed publications and one book.