The Nevada Solar Nexus project will focus on developing collaborations between scientists, industries, institutions, and the public (stakeholders) to strengthen research that will support the economic development of Nevada. The goal of the External Engagement Team is to create a foundation for sustainable partnerships that will lead to a concerted effort in the development of state-of-the-art, innovative technologies in solar energy generation, and support the state’s workforce initiatives.

Increasing cooperation with community leaders, industries, federal and state agencies, land owners, and tribal communities will broaden the participation of stakeholders in the Nevada Solar Nexus project. Through these collaborations we will increase our efforts to widely disseminate information about innovative research in solar energy generation in arid regions.

The external engagement team will focus on two objectives:

• Develop and sustain key stakeholder collaborations and partnerships.

• Increase public knowledge of project activities and benefits through media development and dissemination.

Markus Berli

Markus Berli

Co-Lead Environment
Co-Lead External Engagement
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Mary Cablk

Co-Lead External Engagement
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