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Restoring Resilience in the Nevada Desert

February 8, 2016 Featured Articles

Graduate Student Researcher – Christopher Hicks

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What achievements and/or successes have resulted from participating in this EPSCoR program?

The opportunity to provide mentorship to undergraduate and high school students on the research objectives we were progressing on, the microgrid and VFD efficiency studies.

What is your greatest research achievement?

TIn addition to above, we got the microgrid up and connected to the energy grid and were able to perform transient analyses on the smart inverter and PV power supply.

Why Nevada or UNLV?

Nevada is my home state, I grew up and went to high school in northern Nevada.  I also went to undergraduate school at UNLV and enjoyed working with the professors and university.

Share something about yourself that you won’t find on your resume.

I enjoy the outdoors, grew up on a ranch and also like riding horses and rodeos.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the EPSCoR and NSF directives.  I look forward to upcoming planning and hopeful proposal involvement.

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