Nicole Vita 214x300NICOLE VITA

Nicole Vita
Nevada State College
Mentor: Zachary Woydziak

Synthesis of Biological Testing of Novel Aminopyronin Flurophores and Simplified PP1/PP2A Inhibitors

Aminopyronin compounds are fluorescent compounds that can and will interact with amino acid residues. Past studies have proven that through nuclear aromatic substitution, the aminopryronin pass through the cell membrane and label amino acid protein residues. An aminopyronin compound will stay within the cell to cause the whole cell to become fluorescent. Further, aminopyronin will elicit fluorescence within cells even at low concentrations. This summer will focus on creating an array of different aminopyronin compounds. The molecular properties will allow the aminopyronin to interact with the amino acid residue of protein to create fluorescent cells under long wave ultraviolet light. To create longevity of the fluorescent property I will substitute various peripheral “R” groups to give long lasting fluorescence. I am hopeful that using assorted aminopyronin compounds I will have the ability to track cell-lines through many generations. With the help of Roseman University I will use a confocal microscope as well as Nevada State College’s imaging flow cytometer to test and visualize these molecules.

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