University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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P. G. Schrader is an associate professor of educational technology in the department of Teaching and Learning, co-coordinator for doctoral programs for the department, and assessment coordinator for STEM on UNLV’s Gear-Up project. He is also a research scientist in the Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment at UNLV. Prior to coming to working in education, Dr. Schrader was a swimmer and once ranked among the top 100 backstrokers in the world. After a successful athletic career, Dr. Schrader completed his degree in Educational Psychology with a focus on Cognition and Instruction. During that time, he instructed students of all ages in the areas of mathematics, educational psychology, and technology. Dr. Schrader has received awards honoring his commitment to academics, the community, and higher education in general.

Dr. Schrader recent work involves learning in technology rich, immersive environments across the disciplines. For example, he has examined the exchange of information within hypertext, multimedia, and massively multiplayer online games. Due to the nature of his interest in learning with technology, Dr. Schrader’s research has addressed a variety of contexts, methodologies, and content areas. Current projects include studies of engagement, immersion, and learning with scientific simulations, faculty perceptions of students in STEM majors, and personality in virtual worlds. Dr. Schrader has published several papers and studies on inter- and intratextuality, navigation, and learning in these areas. He has also presented his work more than 40 times to international, national, and regional audiences.