Profile - Robert Boehm

Robert Boehm

Solar Energy Lead
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-4160


One of the co-principal investigators for the Nevada Solar Nexus project, Dr. Robert Boehm will study both high and low temperature aspects of solar thermal power plants. In the high temperature aspect, he will work on high-temperature receiver designs and system consideration for supercritical CO2 cycles. He will also set up a test rig for evaluating new dry cooling heat transfer surfaces.

Boehm’s work is concentrated in three areas: 1) Utilizing a test facility that uses high flux solar dish system for high temperature; 2) A facility to evaluate new heat transfer surfaces for dry cooling will be designed, constructed, and used for a variety of high performance designs; 3) A model of supercritical CO2 power systems will be developed for analysis of the impact of key parameters.

Boehm is a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering, Dominic Marrocco professor of energy research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and director of the Center for Energy Research. He works in thermal system design and experimental studies related to that area.