Samuel Bassong 214x300SAMUEL BASSONG

Nevada State College
Mentor: Robin Cresiski

Metagenomic Analysis of Cockroach-Associated Bacterial Flora via Bioinformatics


Previous studies on the microscopic flora of cockroaches have yielded positive results in regards to the diverse population carried by these particular insects. However, there is still very little information pertaining to the exact identity and pathogenic potential of these microbes. This research project will aim to provide further insight in this particular field through the use of Bioinformatics. For this purpose, cockroaches (primarily of the Periplaneta americana and Blatella lateralis species) will be collected around the Henderson area and purchased commercially. Using PBS washes and Agar plates, the roaches’ microscopic flora will be isolated for subsequent antibiotic sensitivity testing. Next, the bacterial samples which have demonstrated resistance to antibiotics will be subjected to 16S PCR amplification and sequencing. Using Bioinformatics software, the individual sequences will be carefully cross-analyzed for matches within public genomic databases. It is our hope that the findings of this research will help raise the awareness of the general public and health structures regarding to the pathogenicity of the bacteria carried by local cockroach populations.