Erica Marti works with UNLV students to assemble a portable solar energy classroom kit February 15, 2018

Issue 06, February 2018 Newsletter

Vibrant education programs are essential for engaging students to seek careers in

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How Technicians Record Data After the App - Scotty Strachan August 15, 2017

Issue 05, August 2017 Newsletter

In this issue of the NEXUS Newsletter you will read about how our NEXUS scientists

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area February 15, 2017

Issue 04, February 2017 Newsletter

Electricity generated from solar energy has the potential to help meet the energy

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Solar panels viewed from below November 15, 2016

Issue 03, November 2016 Newsletter

Energy efficiency is a central issue in the Nevada Governor's New Energy Industry

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Rows of Solar panels within a large suburban lot August 2, 2016

Issue 02, August 2016 Newsletter

While sunshine is abundant in Nevada, water is a scarce resource. In this issue of

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DRI Solar 3 Solar Panels May 3, 2016

Issue 01, May 2016 Newsletter

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