In partnership with the Nexus in Nevada project, the Center for Energy Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas created 3 different solar kits designed to teach students about engineering, solar energy, and science.

UNLV STEM Ambassadors are available to visit schools in-person September 6, 2022 to May 26, 2023 with these interactive kits. These kits are wonderful tools to help educate students about solar energy and engineering. In addition, live remote sessions for schools with remote learning attendance are being offered. The live sessions can be held on an online meeting via Zoom or a similar platform.

Our team would like to provide your students with the opportunity to use these educational solar energy kits at no cost to teachers or schools. Teachers are asked to fill out an application. After applying, the Outreach Coordinator will contact you to set up a school visit or live remote session and determine the appropriate equipment to work with. During in-person activities, we can visit before/after school for a club activity, in the evening for a STEM or STEAM event, or during your class. The live remote sessions can be held for schools with remote learning attendance, organizations or clubs with remote learning sessions, or for educational webinars. UNLV STEM Ambassadors will demonstrate the equipment and complete short activities with the students.

UNLV STEM Ambassadors are college students who take classes, which means they can only be at the school for a few hours. They will not be able to visit for the entire day. Please keep this in mind when planning a visit. It is recommended that you plan at least two weeks in advance.

Full SOL Traveler kit

Sol Traveler:
A Portable Solar Energy Classroom Kit

(Recommended for grades 8-12)

The Sol Traveler is a compact solar thermal water heater that uses two types of solar technology: photovoltaic to power the pump and solar thermal to heat the water. You can have students observe the system in action or even collect data.

Sol Traveler Resources include videos, guide, solar energy lessons and information.

solar-powered circuit with lights and fans kit

Fan & Light
(solar-powered circuit with lights and fans)

(Recommended for grades K-5)

The Fan & Light kit is a compact solar kit used to demonstrate how solar energy is converted to electricity to power fans and light bulbs with a photovoltaic panel.

solar power system and storage kit

(solar power system and storage)

(Recommended for grades 5-8)

The Off-grid system is a portable kit containing a photovoltaic panel, microcontroller, and battery pack. The system can store energy in a battery or supply direct power to charge a cell phone (or other device with a USA type two/three prong power plug or USB).

Solar Cell Audio Lab
(Circuits, converting light waves to electric and sound waves)

(Recommended for grades 9-12)

The Solar cell audio lab is portable kit containing solar cell, laser, breadboard, transformer, audio speakers, and amplifiers. This kit will show how sound is created and magnified by converting electric energy to light energy and then to sound waves.

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