Solar Nexus Visits Ivanpah Solar Power Facility November 1, 2018

Securing Sustainable Solar’s Future

The Sun’s rays are fundamental for creating solar energy but securing this clean

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Cyberinfrastructure October 1, 2018

Weaving a Web of Support

Every day, in their mission to maximize solar energy’s efficiency and minimize its

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Clouds shading solar panels September 4, 2018

Secrets of Successful Solar

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source but integrating solar power into

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Nevada Solar Array August 1, 2018

Navigating The Energy-Water Nexus

It’s not only the Sun’s rays that are needed to create solar energy. For this

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Mojave desert solar array July 2, 2018

Sleuthing The Solar Footprint

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that neither emits greenhouse gases nor

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Securing Solar's Sustainability June 1, 2018

Securing Solar’s Sustainability

In Nevada, the sun’s rays provide an abundant and clean form of energy but

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Tortoise 2014 By RJ Abella May 1, 2018

Knowledge is Power: Protecting the Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise might be Nevada’s state reptile but rapid changes in fragile

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Graduate Student Research Builds the Foundation of Sustainable Solar April 13, 2018

Graduate Student Research Builds the Foundation of Sustainable Solar

Ensuring the future of sustainable solar energy requires more than simply

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Shutterstock Desert Water Pump April 2, 2018

Counting the Benefits

By definition deserts are dry and water is scarce but, sometimes, sources of this

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NSC scientist Jeremy Vergara examines solutions in lab. March 8, 2018

Thinking Outside the Classroom

Life as an undergraduate in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math

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Great Basin Landscape February 1, 2018

Saving the Desert’s Upper Crust

To a casual observer, desert lands may appear a barren vista of sand and soil,

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A Wind Farm at twilight January 2, 2018

How the Wind Blows

From a gentle breeze to a full out gale, wind represents a clean and sustainable

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Nano Deposition System at UNLV December 1, 2017

Using Nanotechnology, Not Water, to Clean Solar Panels

Although solar panels might appear bright and shiny, in desert environments, where

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Group photo of Exchange participants between Nevada, South America and Asia November 1, 2017

Collaborating Across the Continents

Many of the great environmental challenges - the availability of clean water, access

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Dissection team member explains brain cross section October 1, 2017

Walking in the Shoes of Scientists

For many high schoolers, the word science conjures up images of lab coats and petri

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High September 1, 2017

Mighty Microgrids: Improving Grid Power Quality

Although the U.S. electric grid is an engineering marvel with more than 9,200

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Copper Mountain Solar 1 Sempra Renewables, LLC August 1, 2017

Diverting the Drip

Arrays of solar panels in the Nevada desert don’t just block the Sun’s rays from

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Overview Hydraulics Lab UNR July 3, 2017

From Waste Heat to Essential Electricity

In every water delivery system throughout the United States, pressure-reducing

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A field of solar panels and wind turbines June 1, 2017

Future-Proofing the Power Grid

Renewable energy might be an essential addition to the nation's energy portfolio but

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Dale Karas carefully works with chemicals in a lab May 1, 2017

Boosting the Efficiency of Concentrated Solar Power Systems

Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems represent one of two major technologies of

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Graduate Students 2017 Solar Nexus Annual Meeting April 25, 2017

Graduate Student Research Shines at the Solar Nexus Annual Meeting

Behind every good research project lays a talented graduate student and at the 2017

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A close up of solar panels March 1, 2017

Doing the Books on Solar Power in Nevada

Solar power has the potential to supply a sustainable and clean source of energy to

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Shining a light on solar February 1, 2017

Shining a Light on Solar

While the sun shines almost daily in Nevada, many students don't appreciate the

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An aerial view of the Devitt Solar Panels January 3, 2017

Sleuthing Solar’s Side Effects

Solar energy proves an ideal energy source as harnessing the sun's rays to produce

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Coral Taylor, University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Student poses with the Bench-Scale Membrane Distillation System December 1, 2016

Water Solar Symbiosis

Solar power plants need water, but where the sun shines the most in the U.S., water

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An instrument for remote monitoring and data collection in the foreground of the desert landscape November 1, 2016

Taming the Data Explosion

Each day hundreds, if not thousands, of NEXUS sensors record climate and

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A wide view of the Ivanpah Solar Plant October 3, 2016

Clean and Dry: Water-Free Cooling for Solar Energy

Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants provide a clean and sustainable form of

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N.E.R.D.S. Group poses for a group photo at Heavenly Summit September 7, 2016

Training ‘Solar Savvy’ Teachers

Nevada school students enjoy sunny skies and 'electricity on tap' on a daily basis,

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A man installs monitoring equipment atop an antennae tower July 1, 2016

Supporting Science Discovery

Page Views: 396

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How the NEXUS STEMBOPS program is introducing students and the community to STEM related research April 1, 2016

STEMBOPS: Education Goes Viral

Page Views: 579

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Eric Wilcox headshot March 23, 2016

Q&A: Eric Wilcox on Solar Forecasting

By Jane Palmer March 2016 Eric Wilcox is an associate Professor in Climatology in

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Jacque Ewing-Taylor headshot March 23, 2016

Q&A: Jacque Ewing-Taylor on Education and Workforce Development

By Jane Palmer March 2016 Dr. Jacque Ewing-Taylor, the education workforce component

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2016 NEXUS annual meeting March 23, 2016

Graduate Student Poster Highlights from the 2016 Annual Meeting

By Jane Palmer March 2016 Twenty-one students presented posters at the NEXUS annual

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Christopher Hicks tech equipment February 8, 2016

Graduate Student Researcher – Christopher Hicks

What achievements and/or successes have resulted from participating in this EPSCoR

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Danielle Nobles construction headshot February 8, 2016

Graduate Student Researcher – Danielle Nobles-Lookingbill

What achievements and/or successes have resulted from participating in this EPSCoR

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Aline Resende headshot February 1, 2016

Summer 2015 UROP Scholar – Aline Resende

What did you find most rewarding or gratifying about being a Summer 2015 UROP

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Dr. Jaeyun Moon and the UNLV faculty December 10, 2015

Dr. Jaeyun Moon feeds her passion through the Nexus project

Solar energy is Dr. Jaeyun Moon’s passion. Dr. Moon is pictured above second from

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Markus Berli with Solar Panels February 23, 2015

Dr. Markus Berli: Playing with Soil is Serious Business

Have you ever stared at a pile of soil sitting under a beautiful fruitful plant and

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Dr Boehm Thomas Bean Engineering Building January 16, 2015

A Recap of the Nexus Project in its First Year

Development of renewable energy resources is a national priority, and Nevada is

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